Saturday, September 8, 2007

A Nice Diet Breakfast

September 7

I discovered some time ago that a little artificial sweetener (I use Splenda) mixed with cinnamon is almost undetectable. I also add about half as much sugar as the ersatz stuff just to deflect attention.

Therefore, this is how I make cinnamon "sugar" for one: A few generous dashes cinnamon, one teaspoon Splenda, one-half teaspoon sugar. Mix well.

For breakfast this morning I had half a piece of pita bread, toasted in the toaster, spread thinly with butter, sprinkled with the cinnamon mixture with about three walnut halves and about four raisin tucked in.

Delicious and nutricious. Whether it's low in calories or not I don't know, but I tell myself it is. And the amounts, completely under my control, could make that difference.

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